3-K, 3-K Integrated & PreK-4 Integrated

Our teachers hold Master Degrees and are NYS certified. All staff are trained in First Aid and CPR and approved under the Department of Health and Bureau of Day Care.

Our 3-K, 3-K Integrated and PreK-4 Integrated classes are Full day and are 5 days a week, September through June, for 6 hours and 20 minutes per day. We provide a safe and healthy environment as the foundation for all children as they learn and grow. 3-K Teachers use the Early Learning Outcomes Framework (ELOF) as guiding principles in creating appropriate lessons for their classes. PreK-4 teachers use the Pre-kindergarten Foundation for the Common Core (PKFCC) Learning Standards to develop appropriate lessons and activities for the children. Our classrooms are divided into “center” areas which provide opportunities for the children to make choices and interact with their peers. We incorporate learning through center areas in art, dramatic play, library, manipulatives, and block building. We plan activities that will engage and capture children’s varied interests with visual, auditory and hands-on experiences. Our program is both “open-ended” and teacher-directed. Teachers work with children to create a classroom culture where children are encouraged to think critically and creatively and are motivated to solve problems independently. PreK teachers learn about each child in their class by observing and listening to the children through assessments that are appropriate for young children, and by having a two way communication with families.

Our beautiful outdoor space enables children to engage in gross motor activities to foster their physical development and improve coordination and balance. Each day (weather permitting), the children play outdoors for 60 minutes (30 minutes in the morning and afternoon). They enjoy a jungle gym, a playhouse, playing basketball and ring toss games, riding on tricycles and cozy coupe cars. It is a fun time for free and organized gross motor activities.