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                                  Our Staff

Our professional and dedicated staff includes a director, certified Master level teachers, an ASHA-certified and NYS-licensed speech language pathologist, certified teachers for the speech and hearing handicapped, a licensed psychologist, licensed occupational and physical therapists and certified teacher assistants.

A Note from the Director:     
Josephine Hansen
The mission of our school is to provide a safe and stimulating environment that is accepting of each child’s unique abilities.  We believe that every child has the ability to reach his/her true potential within a diverse community of learners in an inclusive and accepting environment. Our student portfolios provide teachers and families with authentic assessment methods that are a true measurement of each child’s growth.  We believe that family participation is key to a child’s lifelong learning and development.  Our parents and care givers are actively engaged and invited to participate in the early education of their children. Our educational staff is grateful for the opportunity to share in each child’s early developmental years.  
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