Child Care Service:  Community Resources Preschool






                                                                                              DATE SUBMITTED:  12/3/21                                         



(Please fill in the name of your child care service at the top of each page and the date this plan will be submitted at the bottom of each page.)

Program Name:  Community Resources Preschool                                                                         

Permit Holder:           Community Resources Preschool        Legally Responsible Entity:           Community Resources      

Director/Operator:  Josephine Hansen, Director of Children's Services                                           

Address:  3651 Richmond Road                                                                                                       

City:     Staten Island, NY                                                                  Zip code:   10306                   

Telephone #:  718-351-6416                                                                                                            

Fax #:  718-351-6307                                                                                                                                     

E-Mail Address:  MarieAComRes@yahoo.com                                                                                 

Floor(s) of Operation:                                                                                                                     2          

Room(s):  101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 201, 202, 203, 204, 205, 206, 207, 208, 209,  210

Age Range of Children Served:  from  2.0       yrs/months to        6.0        to yrs/months

Hours of Operation:  7:30am - 5:30pm                                                                                            

Do you operate a School age Child Care Program at your site address?: Yes        No X


  • If Yes: Please identify the program name and registration number:


  • Name:       Registration No.:      


*Please attach an organizational chart that identifies, position and line of report for each of your program staff. 


Please provide the last inspection date for the following


Inspection Date

  • Boiler/furnace/HVAC:

  • Water Systems



9/27/21 9/27/21           

(plumbing, pressure, protection of water supply)

Community Resources Preschool


  • Lead Paint Survey (Annual Survey)

  • Window Guards

  • Indoor/outdoor equipment

  • Review of injury prevention procedures 

(safe practice procedures) 

  • Vehicle Maintenance (if applicable)  

  • Exits and Fire Extinguishers 


Please provide the maintenance schedule for the following:

  • Boiler/furnace/HVAC:

  • Water Systems

(plumbing, pressure, protection of water supply)

  • Lead Paint Survey

  • Window Guards

  • Indoor/outdoor equipment

  • Review of injury prevention procedures 

(safe practice procedures) 

  • Vehicle Maintenance (if applicable)  

  • Exits and Fire Extinguishes 

 Inspected by Staff Member 1/15/20 professional inspection7/25/06 - Clean Survey  No Lead Found.                                                      


















Maintenance Schedule

Monthly - the second week of every month.

Monthly - the second week of every month.

Annually - January                                                

Monthly - the second week of evey month.

Monthly - the second week of evey month.

Monthly - the second week of evey month.


 Exits are checked regularly - extinguishers every six months.



Please provide the following:

  • Staff certified in food protection:

                   Name:  Lisa Belfiore, Melanie Krause                                             Title:   Teacher Assistant, Teacher

                        Food Protection Certificate #  Lisa Belfiore - 16-05581, Melanie Krause - 16-05597                                

Work Schedule:

Monday:  8:20 - 3:50

Wednesday  8:20 - 3:50

Friday:            8:20 - 3:50 Sunday:  

 Tuesday:  8:20 - 3:50                                 

 Thursday:          8:20 - 3:50                                  




  • Sanitization schedule and procedures for food preparation area: 

  Please provide your programs sanitization process:  NA - We do not prepare food on the premises.         

Community Resources Preschool






  • Source of food:

Prepared off site by contracted services and delivered: X

If food service is contracted, please identify the food service company: 

          Name:      Red Rabbit

         Address:   1751 Park Avenue

          City:      New York                           State:      New York

          Zip Code:  10035                              Phone No.:     866-697-3372





Prepared on site on by child care service staff:  Prepared on site by contracted service: 






Please provide the following information to establish your programs preparedness to respond to emergency situations:


• Evacuation Route

Describe your secondary means of egress:  If front (main) exit is blocked or impassable, all staff, children  and visitors will exit through the rear stairwell and rear door.   



Describe how children and staff will exit the building:  Alarm will be sounded.   Classroom  teachers will be  responsible for taking their emergency binders, attendance books and emergency kit.  They are also responsible

 for making sure their children and classroom staff exit the building safely.  All visitors and other staff will be  directed to exit using the closest exit. Identify the location of all exits and fire extinguishes, and identify an assemblage (safe) area where they will remain during the emergency (or attach a floor and site plan that identifies areas and locations):

                   See Attachment A & Attachment B.                                                                                         





Community Resources Preschool


  • Evacuation of Infant Children

Please describe how your program will provide a staff to child ratio of 1:3 during an emergency evacuation.  All available personnel, regardless of role or qualifications, can be used to meet the 1:3 ratio when evacuation is necessary. (An infant child is defined as a child who is less than 12 months of age):  N/A - We do not care for infant children - We currently have children from 2.0 - 6.0 years in our program.  We have no more than 81 children in the building during the AM & PM sessions and always have a minimum of

           30 staff members in the building at all times.                                                                                    



  • Supervision of children during an evacuation

Please describe your process of accounting for each child before and after reaching your safe area: 

 Attendance books need to be taken with the class.  Attendance will be taken before we evacuate.  During the   evacuation staff will check to make sure that everyone is accounted for when they arrive at their destination.

          Attendance will be taken at the destination.                                                                                       



  • Proof of notification of service’s existence to your local fire department (attach copy of FD confirmation if available):

    Notification Date:   10/15/21                                                                                                                                               

Type text here

  Ladder Company Contacted: Engine Co. 165 - 494-4265                                                             

    Individual Contacted:       Capt. Borg                                                                                                                               

  • Fire drill schedule (please provide your intended fire drill schedule):

            Fire drills are conducted on a monthly basis (Twice monthly from Sept. - Dec.)                                     

 7/12/21, 8/9/21, 9/15/21, 9/27/21, 10/8/21, 10/29/21, 11/16/21, 11/22/21, 12/3/21, 12/  /21  1/  /21, 2/  /21, 3/  /21, 4/  /21, 5/  /21, 6/  /21.  They are logged in a book and the log book is readily available to both Fire Dept. personnel as well as Dept. of Health personnel. 

• Process for notifying DOHMH and parents of emergency situations. Please include a description of process:

Means of communication:  Community Resources will either call, send in writing, email or fax DOHMH and   parents to notify them in emergency situations. Individual(s) responsible for communication:  Josephine Hansen or Marie Arcuri will be responsible for   communicating with DOHMH and parents.           Timeframes for notification:  Parents will be notified immediately, DOHMH will be notified within 24 hrs.

Community Resources Preschool





The program’s health care plan must establish polices and procedures used to assure the following:

  • Method for maintaining children’s health records

Initial health screening:  All children in our preschool program must have a complete medical including   immunizations which is stamped, signed by a physician, license number listed and dated prior to entrance into the  preschool program.  Medical must be dated within a year of first date of attendance.       



Children’s medical histories – include immunization tracking:  Designated program personnel  review children's medicals to insure they are within date guidelines and contain all necessary medical                     information including immunizations.              

Process for addressing individual children’s special needs and restrictions on activities:              Upon                                                                    

 acceptance into the preschool program a confidential list is generated which labels all special health and physical  needs as well as what activities, foods, etc. children are restricted from.  Lists are given to each teacher and therapist.


  • Daily health surveillance procedures

Staff responsible for observing child’s health:  Teachers and therapists are responsible for observing children's        health issues as well as documentation related to health issues.    


Documentation procedures for observed injuries:  Community Resources Preschool currently uses an   accident/incident report for all injuries.  Staff who observed accident/incident are responsible for filling out accident/  incident report and bringing it to the Preschool Director's attention immediately.  The Preschool Director will review the report to insure proper procedures were followed with regard to accident/incident/injury.  Once Director

 is sure proper procedures were followed, report is signed by Director and sent to appropriate parties and filed  in child's/staff's chart.  






  • Procedures for supervision of ill and injured children

Assessment and evaluation of children:  Teacher or therapist will assess the child immediately through

 observation and interview to determine the severity of illness or injury.  Teacher/therapist will then contact  the Preschool Director or designated personnel when Director is unavailable.          

Area of isolation:  If a child requires isolation, they will be brought to offices on first floor located in rooms 105,

             106 or 107.                                                                                                                                


    Staff assignment schedule:  The child will be isolated with a 1:1 based on the severity of the illness.     

           The 1:1 will be placed with the child based on familiarity with the child.                                                



Parent notification procedure:  The child's teacher or Preschool Director will immediately notify the parent.

 If the parent is unavailable or cannot be reached, Community Resources utilizes an emergency contact list  which is filled out by the parent upon entrance into the preschool program.        



  • Medication administration:

Is your program certified to administer medication: Yes  No  X

If yes: Individual(s) certified and assigned to administer medication

                     Staff Member                                 Role                        Assignment Schedule






Procedure for administering medication:  We do not administer medication - See Attached Healthcare Plan

          Attachment C.                                                                                                                               




Community Resources Preschool


  • Procedures for providing basic first aid:

   RN or LPN on staff: Yes X            No 

If no, staff title and role of person responsible for administering first aid:

  • Name:       

  • Title/Role:             

Procedure:  The Preschool has the ability to contact a RN on staff with our agency.  RN is available (but not onsite)        by telephone (24/7) at anytime.           





  • Identification of staff certified in first aid and CPR

                          Certified staff member(s):                                    Certification Date:

 All classroom teachers and teacher assistants have   1/27/21 - CPR, 3/16/21  CPR and First Aid certification.  Copies of staff    certifications are kept in their personnel files.   



  • Procedures for handling and reporting medical emergencies and outbreaks: Upon discovery of an outbreak  or a medical emergency, staff stays with the child.  Another staff member notifies the child's parents and   goes to the Preschool Director for  further instructions.  Staff will call 911 if deemed necessary.   

          DOHMH will be notified promptly.                                                                                                    


  • Availability of medical and nursing services:  RNs's are on call at all times during the school day.           \

           Phone numbers for all RN's are posted in the Preschool office.                                                           



  • Procedural precautions for protecting against  blood borne pathogens:  As per infection control protocols,  all staff members wear latex gloves when dealing with blood and bodily fluids.             







  • Location and procedures for storage of medication and first aid supplies:

      A first aid kit is located on each floor in a central location easily accessible to staff and                   a clearly designated sign is posted.                 


  • Process for reporting staff illness and injuries: 

 All staff injuries and illnesses are documented on agency accident/illness report.              A copy is faxed to the Human Resources Dept of Communtiy Resources, a copy is placed in the            employees file and a copy is sent to the DOHMH when necessary.


  • Process for responding to child abuse/maltreatment allegations:

Obtaining and documenting information regarding allegation:  As per NYS regulations, see procedure for  reporting Child Abuse or Neglect.  - Attachment D.      






Assessing if there is reasonable cause to suspect if the alleged incident occurred:            

 Upon review of documentation, observation of child and inteview with connected parties, the Director and RN   will make an assessment based on their expertise in the area the summary guide for mandated reporters.





Reporting the alleged incident to the State Central Register and the DOHMH – Bureau of Child Care: 

Community Resources Preschool


The alleged incident will be reported to the State Central Register and the DOHMH 


 as per mandates for reporters (see Procedures for reporting Child Abuse or Neglect - Attachment D).









All child care programs must submit a corrective action plan that identifies the steps taken to protect children in their care, in the event that a staff member: is alleged to have abused or maltreated a child, has a substantiated incident of child abuse or maltreatment, has an arrest or criminal conviction, has been involved in the death or serious injury of a child or at such time that the Department determines that corrective action is required.  Corrective action plans must include the following:


  • A general description of the alleged incident and the date it occurred.

  • Age and gender of child/children involved. 

  • The staff member involved and their responsibilities related to child supervision or potential for unsupervised contact with children.

  • Steps taken to protect the well being of children in your care while the alleged incident is under investigation


The Department will provide a separate guideline with more detailed information for the development, content, and submission of corrective action plans.



A program’s general safety procedures must provide a description of activity taken to eliminate safety hazards and provide for injury prevention. It shall also include staff schedules that allow the program to maintain supervision of children at all times and comply with the staff to child ratios required by Article 47.  The plan of supervision must address both on and off site activities and include:

  • Supervision during child development activities; both recreational and academic:  Staff places themselves   in areas that need specific supervision by slides and climbing areas.  The staff knows the number

 children present at all times.   The ratio of staff in play areas and classrooms is consistent           with State Education Department, NYCDOE and DOHMH mandates.   



  • Rest and sleep hours:  During rest times in our UPK and extended hours programs staff to child  


ratios are consistent with NY State Education, NYCDOE and DOHMH mandates. 






  • Transportation of children:  Community Resources Preschool does not provide transportation services.





  • Handling and Storage of hazardous materials and other products:  Any hazardous materials and   other products are handled by staff members only and are stored in locked cabinets or out of.    reach of the children.  Cleaning supplies used by maintenance are located in the closet under the   front steps and it is locked.      



  • Fall Prevention Devices:   All stairwells have handrails both for adults and children.   



All program staff, volunteers, and other people who have, will have, or have the potential for substantial contact with children must be trained in Child Abuse/Maltreatment Identification and Prevention every 24 months.  Infant/toddler and night staff must also receive Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and Shaken Baby training.  All teachers must receive training in infection control and reporting infectious diseases.  Additionally, all Assistant Teachers must receive a total of 15 hours of training in health and safety, and early childhood development every 24 months. Each program must provide a plan for how staff will meet the training requirements of Article 47.  The plan must include:

  • Schedule for staff training:  Staff were trained in CPR in January 2021 and First Aid in March 2021.  All staff     have completed the Infection Control and Reporting Infectious Diseases online course in Sept. 2012.  All new hires    complete the course prior to starting employment.  Copies of all certifications are maintained in staff          files.  Further training will follow during our scheduled staff development days.  Staff               will also receive training in Early Childhood Development throughout the school year.  Staff will receive a minimum  of 15 hours of training in required areas.      See Attachment E.                   

Community Resources Preschool


  • The number of staff to be trained and their roles within the program:  Community Resources requires that  all classroom staff are trained in CPR and First Aid (pediatric) every 2 years.  Newly hired staff are trained in   in CPR and First Aid immediately following a 90 day probationary period.






●    Process for monitoring staff’s compliance with training requirements:   The Preschool Director and                                                                                                                                                              

       Administrative Assistant maintain training records.  A list is generated with staff names and CPR, First Aid   

 and other training requirements.  Dates and hours of training are also recorded on the staff list       and list is monitored on a montly basis.             




Please describe your process for informing parents of:

  • Reporting and management of illnesses and             •           Fire safety and fire drills injuries         • Evacuation procedures

  • Emergency Evacuation plan   •           Supervision during offsite activities

  • Lost child plan


 Upon entrance into the preschool program, parents are informed of all necessary health and safety issues.    Parents are given a packet with illness and injury procedures, emergency evacuation plan, lost child plan,   fire safety procedures, etc. Our preschool program does not participate in any offsite activities.  All health   and safety issues are also reviewed during Parent/Child orientation which is scheduled before school begins.



Aquatic activities for group child care services are limited to learn to swim or water safety programs that use the supervision protocol described in §47.57(i) of the New York City Health Code.  Child care services shall obtain written approval from the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s Bureau of Child Care prior to offering any aquatic activities.  (Please note - Children less than 3 years of age are prohibited from participating in all swimming and aquatic activities)


Community Resources Preschool


If you plan to offer aquatic activities to children, please provide a written safety plan that incorporates the safety requirements and supervision procedures during swimming activities.  You must provide the following in your safety plan:

An accountability system that establishes supervision and accounting for children, and shall include:

Staff to child ratios (please refer to Article 47 for the ratio requirements):  N/A.                   




How the child care service will identity each child involved in an aquatic activities prior to water entry: 









How the child care service will maintain a record of the dates and times of initiation and cessation of

  aquatic and swimming activities:  N/A                                                                                         






Accountability checks of children must be made at least every 15 minutes and the results recorded in an accountability log.  Please describe your process for maintaining accountability for all children participating in aquatic activities.







Community Resources Preschool.


Prior to each swimming and aquatic activity, the aquatics director shall meet with all staff and volunteers assigned to the activity and review emergency procedures, as well as their roles and duties, including the children to whom each adult is assigned.  Please specify the duties of all staff in case of swimming and aquatic activity emergencies, including but not limited to emergency procedures for distressed swimmer:







Prior to every trip to an off-site swimming facility not owned by the child care service, the permittee shall obtain and maintain on file for each child a written consent from a parent or guardian.  A consent form shall be incorporated in the written safety plan and shall include the child’s name and age, the destination and type of activities authorized during the field trip, and the date of the trip. 

Please attach a copy of your child care service’s consent form.